What Professionals at Pacific Yachting say about Me

PY certainly did become the best boating magazine in Canada under your hands. I really enjoyed working with you and wish you all the best for the future. —John Alexander

Under your leadership Pacific Yachting blossomed into the premiere boating magazine on the West Coast. —Gary Grieco

Your tenure there has certainly been a very successful one. I’ve watched the magazine grow and prosper under your leadership …no one else could have done such a great job. Working with you has always been a pleasure, and I’ve come to regard you as a good friend. —Alex Morton

I can’t imagine PY without you as editor!! You’ve done a terrific job as helmsman of this great magazine and made a tremendous contribution to West Coast boating. —Pamela Bendall

Thanks for the note and good luck in your future ventures or your semi retirement or whatever your plans are. In my many long years of association with PY as one, a marine professional, two as a sometimes contributor and always a cheap seats critic I have to say your watch has been one of the most successful I have seen. The magazine had gone through a string of editors and content that became out of touch with the readership. You were able to turn that around and get the ship back on course and the magazine a once again enjoyable read that was relative to real boating in our region. —Doug Wardrop, C.Y.B.

I think you can be very proud of the years the magazine thrived under your leadership. —Bill Kelly

You should be proud of a job well done over the past six years, taking PY to new and unforeseen heights. —Jeffrey D. Briggs

You put new life into PY and we have been avid readers since you took over. —Andy and Liza Copeland

I just wanted to say how much I have enjoyed your editorials and articles and what awe I hold you in for the depth of your knowledge and experience in boating. An outstanding job Peter. Your writing incorporates your many talents and experiences. Your writing is enhanced by the way you integrate the contributions of legends in the field. —John Neuman